Relationships & Partnerships.

Collaboration is key. Making a difference is easier when working with others but they have to be the right organisations.

The One Blue Marble team knows, and works with, a vast number of sustainably focussed organisations, as well as those who are dipping their toe into the sustainability space.

To help increase your reach and impact we will:

  • Research and match you up with the sorts of organisations you might like to partner with.
  • Facilitate introductions, help shape your reciprocal partnership plans, and set realistic targets, to ensure you both achieve the greatest impact.
  • Help you measure your success and convey your relationship and reasons for working together at all opportune times.

Ultimate Aim: you will increase your reach to customers and supporters, as well as your income, by effectively partnering with the right organisations. All while enabling you to continue making a genuine difference.

Helen standing next to Joe holding a chalk board up

Ambassador Endorsements.

We can help amplify your story by working with famous people and influencers, who are aligned with your mission. This can significantly boost your attraction and broaden your credibility.

We will work with you to:

  • Identify the most relevant and appropriate well-known influencers and individuals from across the media and entertainment world, who could meaningfully support your cause.
  • Reach out to these individuals and engage them with your purpose, inspiring them to work with you.
  • Manage these relationships, to ensure your new ambassadors are kept fully informed of everything you’re doing and how they can be involved.

Ultimate Aim: you will significantly increase your reach, meaning you’ll be getting in front of thousands more people. This will help to spread the word about all you’re doing to help people protect the planet, as well as live happier and more sustainable lives. This will raise your street cred too!

Dale Vince sitting on a stone wall with a windmill in the background

“Our mission is to change the way energy is made in Britain and help people fight climate change with their energy bill.

Dale Vince OBE, Founder of Ecotricity
Patrick Holden standing in a field in front of lots of cows

“Our vision is for food and farming systems which nourish the health of the planet and its people.”

Patrick Holden, Founding Director, Sustainable Food Trust

“If the ocean dies, we all die!”

Captain Paul Watson, Founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society