Public Speaking.

If you are genuinely interested in making a difference you might just want to shout about this – or maybe not shout, just subtly start to articulate your values. It’s sometimes difficult to find the time to do this or convey your beliefs and actions with authenticity, when you’re talking about your own company or charitable organisation.

The founder of One Blue Marble will ensure your story is heard. Helen will deliver your vision, achievements, motivations, and ambition for change at speaking events and meetings to raise your profile in the sustainability space.

Ultimate Aim: you will be heard of more often. People will look you up and join your cause. By being promoted through a trusted third party, your story can be told honestly, and without ego. From the outside looking in – and that’s powerful.

Helen in front of Ecotricity green flag
Dale Vince sitting on a stone wall with a windmill in the background

“Our mission is to change the way energy is made in Britain and help people fight climate change with their energy bill.

Dale Vince OBE, Founder of Ecotricity
Patrick Holden standing in a field in front of lots of cows

“Our vision is for food and farming systems which nourish the health of the planet and its people.”

Patrick Holden, Founding Director, Sustainable Food Trust

“If the ocean dies, we all die!”

Captain Paul Watson, Founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society