The One Blue Marble team tailor packages to an individual organisation’s needs. As one of our great friends said to us recently, ‘it always feels indelicate to ask, in the context of good relationships, about money’.

It’s equally not the first thing on our minds, because purpose comes before profit in our world. So, do get in touch. We’re happy to chat through your circumstances and tailor what you need accordingly.

The teams’ fees are dependent on experience and qualifications. We always begin by having a ‘get to know you’ video call so that we can assess how we can best help you reach your goals. We will then send you an outline of our discussions, along with a proposal of how we can help you.

These are just a selection of the ways that we work. Please get in touch for a tailored quote.

Examples of ways we work:

Funding Support – support with trust, corporate and major donor prospecting, stewardship, pipeline development, bid writing assistance and reporting. This includes regular contact with client’s internal teams to keep abreast of projects and strategic planning.

Charity Partnerships and awareness raising – regular proposals for, and engagement with, potential corporate partners, providing broker-ship/facilitation and ongoing relationship management. This is to ensure maximum mutual benefit, to help increase an organisation’s profile and funding opportunities.

Campaign development and delivery – development of awareness-raising and cause-related campaigns to galvanise wide public support and achieve collective change. This is done through ‘call to action’ activities to achieve memorable and emotive public, political and business engagement.

Mentoring – regular evaluation of strategic aims and objectives and monitoring of progress to ensure adherence, and drive change as planned. This includes advice on funders, other critical friends and insights into current trends, potential partnerships and collaborations in your sector.

Charity Governance – to manage Board Meetings, prepare Annual Charity Reports, liaise with legal teams and the Board of Trustees. We will always ensure internal teams are aware of – and act on – charity legislative updates.

One-off or part of our regular work:

These services can be implemented as a one-off, or they can be built into a tailored package of regularly recurring services each month or year.

Public Speaking – including preparation of presentations, in conjunction with marketing or senior management teams.

Event Delivery – venue hire liaison, event sponsorship, speaker and partnerships relationship management, targeted communications and promotion plans and delegate management.

Research – insights into similar-sized charities’ fundraising and engagement activities and performance, with deeper research into specific project areas. We can put a particular focus on research and recommendations for engaging with future generations, with expert insights into Generation Z.

Capital Raising – assistance with resourcing of capital for all stages of organisational growth.

Corporate Governance – advice to assist operational boards to ensure governance compliance.

Business Planning and Development – strategic advice on business structures and organisation to best manage growth.