Our friends.

Kind Comms – Jess and Dan Saunders are the dream team who created this website. They’ve also been invaluable in guiding One Blue Marble on the best way to digitally engage with their followers. They specialise in only working with truly ethical companies, so are a perfect fit all round!

Riverford Organic – we all need to be eating well in this job, especially when evangelists for the very best sustainably produced food. ‘Living Life on the Veg’ with Riverford is a joy and a must! Our early morning Monday deliveries are the biggest treat, along with receiving Guy’s latest news!

Riverford organic farmers logo

The Long Table – based in Brimscombe, Stroud, this Food Community Hub serves far more than just delicious meals made with the best sustainably sourced ingredients. These guys are feeding everyone who walks through the door – rich or poor! Everyone pays what they feel and feel a whole lot better for it!

The Long Table logo

The Holistic Health Coach – based in Frome, Angela Davies offers virtual health and wellbeing sessions. Helen’s known Angela for over 20 years and can’t speak highly enough of her intuition, empathy, sound wisdom and advice on how to best look after yourself and keep on top of your game!

A blue image of mountains and sunset holistic health coach logo